I’ve been working on this blog for about 3 months now. I finally decided on a specific niche and feel confident that I want to continue writing about my reading endeavors. My latest issue is deciding what else I should contribute to my blog. I mean, as much as I love writing about the latest novel I read, I can only read and write (and drink) so fast. I know that one thing that makes a blog enjoyable and worth reading is consistency, which is something I’m lacking. So I’ve decided that I want to focus on some other topics I can write about that still revolve around reading. Along with my typical reviews which will continue to be the main focus, I will be dedicating the next few weeks to exploring other topics that will become core elements of my blog. My ideas so far are:

  • Cafes to read at
  • Bars to read at
  • Exploring bookstores
  • Finding nontraditional reading places
  • Trying unconventional reading activities
  • Sharing DIY projects
  • Etc

I’ll be experimenting with different posts for the next few weeks (so bear with me please) and hopefully settle on a concrete structure soon for the duration of this blog’s lifetime. I’ll also be changing my site address from Purpose of Khowploum to Reading and Wining soon. So if you’re following me and notice there’s a blog you don’t recognize, and the contents contain books and alcohol and sass, it’s probably me. But at least I’m warning you guys.

Important to note: I’m not straying away from books or not writing about books. On the contrary, literature is very important to me and has always been a large component of my life. I am who I am because of the books I have read. I don’t think the only way to appreciate literature is to read it and analyze it. It’s not only about figuring out why the author decided to make the curtains read (low key throwing shade at high school English honors teacher). It can be finding the perfect environment to immerse yourself in the story or creating the perfect shelf space worthy of your favorite novel. My life basically revolves around reading, and I want to show that in the least, saddest way possible.

If anybody has any suggestions on what else I can write about please don’t hesitate to write in the comments below. I’m also looking for more books to read so any book suggestions are always welcomed.

Like my future, this is a work in progress. I started this blog because I wanted to do something I love. And because I needed a creative outlet outside of work. And especially because I needed to force myself to finally go through with a project to the end.

Plus, I have a lot of opinions, and feel like I need to share them with everyone, and have just a big enough ego to do it. You’re welcome.