One of my guilty pleasures is food places that do unnecessarily extravagant but Instagram worthy food. There’s one by my house that recently gained a lot of attention called Horchateria Rio Luna. They’re a Hispanic café that specializes in horchata based coffee drinks and desserts such as churros and concha ice cream sandwiches. I’m half Mexican so this place caught my attention (and appetite) very easily. I’m always looking for new cafes to go to drink some coffee and read my books in peace so I decided to give this place a try.


So like I said, this place has recently gained a lot of popularity so it’s usually really packed. Like a huge line out the door that’s more than an hour wait. I went once before and it was ridiculously packed so I decided to go in the morning around 10am so I could make sure I had a place to sit and read.

I got there around 10am and thankfully it was almost empty. Since it was morning, I wasn’t gonna go crazy with the sweets so I just ordered an horchata iced coffee and a small concha. I found a table in the back and read I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelo in peace.


It does get pretty crowded here so I don’t normally recommend this as a place to go to relax and read, especially if you need extra concentration to read. But if you’re lucky enough to get there around their down time, it’s a really nice environment. The place is really bright and doubles as a Latin American art exhibit so the entire location is filled with bright, beautiful art work. Despite it being a small location, the space feels very open and refreshing.


Best part?

I feel like my overall experience of reading I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings was enhanced. Do you ever feel like the environment you’re in effects your reading experience? It definitely does for me, so I like to pick where I read based on how I feel it will balance with my book. And Horchateria Rio Luna was a great location for this Maya Angelo piece.